Being chosen as your healthcare partner is a great honor for us. Before going on, please read the Terms & Conditions. It will aid in our attempts to maintain the entire transparency of Nookylove services.

Please read the terms and conditions given below.

  • Only Nookylove has the right to implement any modifications needed to satisfy customer demand. Before making any purchases on our website, we ask that you read the terms and conditions.
  • Any medication you buy from Nookylove is believed to have been done only after consulting a doctor. The goal of healthcare is to provide the patient with the best and most efficient care possible.
  • Any employee using the Nookylove website to order medication does so at His or her own risk.
  • A particular drug’s price can sometimes change. So, verify more than once by buying anything from the website.
  • The pictures on the website are only designed to be used for motivation. It can be different from site to site.
  • Customers are advised to register with Nookylove for future use to have easy access after ordering any of the provided medications.
  • While using a mail ID to sign up requires confirmation using that method. Therefore, it is suggested to maintain an up-to-date and active email account in case there are any changes or updates that are not harmful to the consumers.
  • All of the information on the website is general and objective in nature. which will lead customers to a better and healthier life.

Concerning security

Your personal information is completely secure and protected when you provide it to us. The website is completely protected using full encryption, making it impossible for data to be intercepted. The database containing critical information is only available to the customer.

Your permission

Any usage of the customer’s data results in a postal warning or notification. Every customer gets information on site changes through their specified email.

Price Level

All of the pricing shown on the website will change depending on how the US government understands them. Please check the price before placing an order. The transport procedure will be determined by the time you complete your order.

The Products’ Availability

To ensure a perfect match, both machines and people update each product’s stock availability. However, frequently there could not be enough of a given medication in stock because of the high demand for that medication. We try our best to fill that product in this case of any delay we will inform the customer when it will be available.

Observations & Feedback

Every product has an observation box behind it. This enables the user to share their thoughts on the medicine’s usefulness and how it affects their daily lives. It helps other customers to learn a little bit about the same drugs in an indirect manner. Customer feedback on every problem receives a proper response through mail. It helps the business change while developing what consumers want.

Delivery Process

Each order will be charged a shipping charge, which is mostly determined by the weight of the transport. No matter where it is going, delivery generally occurs in 6 business days. So, be sure to consider the expected delivery date while completing an order.

Delivery Address

Customers are advised to enter their information and store the address for use later. Even so, there is a final checking option or the second to modify the same address. Therefore, it can forecast a planned time of shipment for every specific medicine you want to get.

Custom Prices

Medication is given across borders, but a customs tax may apply.

Lack of Transportation

If there is a delivery delay for any reason, Nookylove will contact you via the email address you provided. Additionally, a full refund will be granted to you if the order isn’t delivered after 7 days.